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Domestic? Never!

Running for my Life...Again! Are You Proud Dad?

Posted by country_who on .. at :
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Current Music: Crying My Heart Out Over You, Ricky Skaggs

Hi everyone, 

Sorry that I haven't posted for a while, but I got into quite a sticky situation a week ago and it may have taken me all week to undo it. Let's just say that the so-called uninhabited planet that I was visiting to back-pack in was in fact very much inhabited with GIANT SPIDERS no less. 

There was LOADS of running involved! Maybe a bit too much one heart is no-where as efficient as two. (I still can't figure that one out, where in the world has my right heart gone!?!?!?

End rant.


hetalia, america

The Doctor [Matt Smith #11]

Posted by arthurlondon on .. at :
Current Location: TARDIS
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Hello all! I'm the Doctor and...well basically run!
Hahaha just kidding...this time
Though that's quite beside the point! I'm in my eleventh regeneration at the moment and have lived for over nine hundred years. Let me tell you I've had some good times but, I am getting older and things are starting to come back around.
Fish and custard is a gift to the world.
I've had many different companions over the years but right now I've got my two very good friends Amy and Rory Williams on the TARDIS with me.
Drop me a line and say hello! I'm quite a sociable guy but, don't be put off if I don't answer straight away I'm a busy guy you know.

Domestic? Never!

Jenny's First Post/Example of Post

Posted by country_who on .. at :
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: In a Different Light, Doug Stone
Hi Everyone,

I'm Jenny, and I'm from Messaline. My dad is the Doctor. He thinks I'm dead, but I'm not. I'm very alive. 

Are you there Dad?

That should get his attention. ;D

Here are some things about me:

- I'm at least part Time Lady.
- I like running.
- I'm blonde.
- Dad told me killing was bad, but I still feel like a soldier. 

Anyways that's all for now, I'm waiting Dad, or Martha, or Donna. or the blonde woman that Dad mentioned he liked while we were in the cell, I think he called you "his Rose."

Goodbye!! :) 

This is the second time uploading this message, due to technical difficulties. 


Welcome to tardis_family . This community is where you can act as a specific character from Doctor Who. Please make yourself familiar with the rules before you choose a character.

You may choose one of the characters to act out from the list below, or if you have a suggestion please let me know. 

We are on a first come first serve basis:

The Doctor (9)

The Doctor (10) timelord1
The Doctor (10.5)
The Doctor (11) arthurlondon
Rose Tyler- abigbluebox
Captain Jack
Mickey Smith
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Jenny - country_who (Unless someone else wants her, I'm willing to give her up, just trying to keep the more active characters open) 
River Song

Rory Williams
Amelia Pond